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Welsh Veterans Fencing Championship


Welsh Veterans Fencing Association holds an annual six weapon Veterans Championship in  October with all weapons being contested over a two day period.

At a recent AGM it was agreed that any Club situated in Wales would be encouraged to "bid" to hold these highly contested, but very friendly championships, in order that they are not held in the same area too often.

In additon to having trophies and medals for the individual winners of each weapon we have trophies for the Man and Lady at arms.

Introduced in 2012 by the late Bob Turner, "The Spirit of the Welsh Veterans Award."

Introduced in 2017, the "Novice" awards, to those who have taken fecning later in life and have been fencing for less than two years.

WVFA Championships 27th-28th October 2018

WVFA would like to thank Celtic Sword, Swansea, for hosting a successful championships at The Bay Campus, Swansea University and the dinner in the Mercure hotel.

With over 70 competitors across all weapon categories, genders and age groups it was one of the highest attended WVFA events. 

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our new friend from across the pond, Mr Alan Buchwald from Big Sur, California, competing in the Foil, wwe look forward to wewlcoming him at any future events.

Full results are available via www.fencingtimelive.com

Master of Arms: Neil Bowd, Celtic Sword.  Marion Thomas, Cobham.

Bob Turner, "Spirit of the Veteran" Award: David William Thomas, Fighting Fit.

Novice awards:

Ladies foil: Allyson Hazel, Celtic Sword,

Ladies Epee: Saskia Russell, Cardiff Fencing Club.

Men´s epee: Shaun Davies, Celtic Sword.

Men´s Foil: 1st: Ceri Richards (Gwent), 2nd: Kel Brundle (Swansea), 3rd:Nigel Betterton(Brighton & Hove), 3rd: Richard Thomas, (Gwent).

Men´s Epee: 1st: Nick Lee (Cardiff), 2nd: Jeff Conover (Mold) 3rd: Neale Thomas (Russell Swords), 3rd: Rupert Nute (Whitchurch) 3rd: Peter Davies (Mold)

Men´s Sabre: 1st Neil bowwd (Celtic Sword),  2nd: Carl Morris (Seacourt), 3rd: Ceri Thomas Streatham), 3rd: Richard Hughes-Thomas (Merlin Sword)

Ladies Foil: 1st: Marion Thomas (Cobham), 2nd: Clar King (Swindon), 3rd: Lyn Robinson (Cardiff), 3rd: Cath Bowd (Celtic Sword)

Ladies Epee: 1st: Marion Thomas (Cobham), 2nd: Clare King (swindon), 3rd: Cath Bowd (Celtic Sword), 3rd: Pam Fairweather (Cardiff)

Ladies Sabre: 1st: Emma Waller (Ridings), 2nd: Marion Thomas (Cobam), 3rd: Lyn Robinson (Cardiff), 3rd: Cath Bowd (Celtic Sword)


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