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Veterans Winton Team 2018: September 22nd & 23rd

Wales came a creditable 6th place in this years Veteran Cup, with MS losing to one region during the entire weekend, and ME conceding losses to 2 regions, aly assisted by the WE, WF, WS and MF.

Many thanks to all those who attended what was a fun packed though no less highly contested event.

ME: Jeff Conover (Capt), Rob Brookes, Peter Davies, Paul Cooper (SAT), Nick Lee (SUN)

MF:  Richard Thomas (Capt), Simon Curling, Kel Brundle, William David Thomas.

MS: Neil Bowd (Capt), James Selby, Jim Crawfurd.

WE: Clare King (Capt), Cath Bowd, Angela Jackson.

WF: Marion Thomas (Capt), Catherine Fisher, Margaret Myers.

WS: Gillian Aghajan, Pat Shepherd-Foster, Lyn Robinson

DT: Mike Robinson (WAL) John Mason(ENG) John Crouch(ENG)

WALES TM: Lyn Robinson

Veterans Winton Cup 2016


Over the weekend of 23rd & 24th Septemeber the Welsh Veterans Regional Team took to the piste in Lilleshalle to compete against 9 other regions for the coveted Winton Cup (in memory of Sir Nicholas Winton).

During a fun packed, but no less hotly contested weekend of fencing, with all teams winning against other regions, Wales came 9th overall - it was all down to the last days fencing, where all the regional teams were literally kneck & kneck with only a single point between them.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Kel Brundle, injured on Saturday, and so unable to continue fencing, a trip to hospital confirmed our fears that his injury was a little more severe than first thought and he will be out of commision for a few months. Keep up the physio and return to the piste with a clean bill bill of health Kel.

We were very thankful for the last minute additions to the teams , who were a great asset throughout the weekend. We welcome them with open arms.

Mike Robinson was seconded into DT to help over the weekend, and as Gillian was unable to fence due to ongoing injury she rose to the occasion taking her marvellous photographs, providing support and encoragement to the teams throughout the weekend.

Veterans Winton Cup 2015

1st July 2015

Sir Nicholas Winton 1909-2015

It is with great sadness that we announce that Sir Nicholas Winton has died aged 106.  Known to many as the "British Schindler", Sir Nicholas organised the rescue of 669 children who were destined for Nazi concentration camps ahead of World War Two.

The fencing community will remember him fondly and part of his legacy is the regions tournament, The Winton Cup, which he devised with his brother Bobby.

With thanks to BF for the notice.

Welsh Winton Team: Team Manager: Neil Bowd jointly with Simon Curling

MF: Ceri Richards (Capt), Richard Thomas, Kel Brundle, Simon Curling

ME: Rob Brooks (Capt), John Rees, Mark Thompson, Tony Westacott

MS: James Longton (Capt), Richard Hughes-Thomas, James Selby, Jim Crawfurd.

WF: Maggie Myers (capt), Catherine Fisher, Dawn Holland, Alison Macklin

WE: Rose Gregory (Capt), Catherine Bowd, Pam Fairweather, Isobel Martin

WS: Gillian Aghajan (Capt), Clare King, Jacquie Blake.

This event is partially subsidised by the WVFA. 

Wales Winton Hoodies will be available to purchase prior to the competition at £18 each. Please pay in cash (preferably, cheques made payable t L. Robinson) to Neil or Simon.

Please see the Official Winton Flyer for details of Venue, accomodation and celebratory meal.

All completed entry forms must be sent to Cath Bowd, Secretary WVFA

N.B. You must be an individual member of BF, BVF and WVFA to compete at this event.

Veterans Winton Cup 2014

The Veterans Winton Cup will

be held on the weekend of 6th & 7th September 2014

NB: Please ensure your membership to the BVF is also up-to-date, you will not be able to compete if it is not.

Team Manager: Mike Norfolk.

Venue: Lilleshalle National Sports Centre, Shropshire.

MF: Simon Curling, Tony Westacott,  Gee James, Ceri Richards.

ME: Rob Brooks, Denis Callanan, John Rees, Peter Davies.

MS: Steve Ellwood, Raj Sahonte, Neil Bowd.

WF: Margaret Myers, Catherine Bowd, Angela Finlay (Guest)

WE: Rose Gregory, PAm FAirweather, Tricia Kudray, Isobel Martin.





Veterans Winton Cup 2013

The Teams selected to represent Wales at this year's Winton Cup.

Team Manager: Mike Norfolk In Mike's absence the TM role was undertaken by Gillian Aghajan.

Men's Foil

Men's Epee

Men's Sabre

Simon Curling
Mark Robertson
Tony Westacott
James Selby

Rob Brooks
Nick Lee
Peter Davies
Denis Callanan

Steve Ellwood
Jamie Morris
James Longton
Richard Thomas

Women's Foil

Women's Epee

Women's sabre

Maggie Myers

Lyn Robinson (Sat only)

Angela Findlay (guest)

Ruth Luxford (Sun only)

Sara Spence

Rose Gregory
Clare King
Gillian Aghajan

Lisa Evans

Pat Shepherd-Foster
Janet King

Wales Regional Veteran Winton Cup Team Manager: Gillian Aghajan

At the close of the competition Wales finished 5th overall.

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