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Welsh Team Selection


WVFA Team Selectors 2020: 

Foil: Margaret Myers

Epee: Catherine Bowd

Sabre: Ceri Thomas

Appeals to Chairman, ratified by the selection board.

As per the current Selection Policy.


Upon selection/acceptance of a Team place you are permitted to wear the current FIE approved Welsh patch, the Welsh Stripe is still permissible at Comonwealth events.


Eligibility for selection: 


Born in Wales

Parent/Grandparent born in Wales

Residency in Wales for a continuos period of 2 years (or more) and on the electoral role.

Membership of WVFA/WF

Membership of BF

Mandatory membership of the BVF (for all open BVF veterans competitions and for Winton selection)

FIE license must be held for Veterans Commonwealths/ Individual European Championships, or if selected to represent GBR for European Teams/World's.



Teams are selected for the following events using the current WVFA Selection Policy:

Home Nations Team:

Regional Veterans Winton Team: 

Celtic Challenge Team: Selection criteria is set out in the Celtic Challenge section.

Commonwealth Team selection: This is mandated by the Veterans Commonwealth Committee.

Calendar of Events 2019-2020

Results for the current season will be displayed here. 

Bronze for Cath Bowd at WMO

Catherine Bowd made made it a "Family affair" at the WMO by adding to the "Team Bowd" medal collection by taking Bronze in the epee, building on her 4th in the Cat 2 Age groups.

ME Team Gold, Welsh Team Championships

At the Welsh Closed Team Championships on 27th January, the wiley Welsh Veteran Team of Rob Brooks, Neale Thomas and Rupert Nute  took Team Gold against strong teams from around Wales.

Other results can be seen below. With full Welsh Veteran teams and teams with Welsh Veteran members taking 10 of the 15 medal placings. Well done all.


Welsh Sabreurs Victorious Triple Medallists!

At the recent BVF Age groups Carl Morris taking Gold in the Cat 3, with Ceri Thomas taking Silver in the Cat2 and Neil 4th, the three did it again at the WM Open, with Carl again taking Gold, Ceri & Neil Bronze, this in addition to the Silver at the Home Nations, this group of sabreurs are becoming a team to be reckoned with


There are vets and then there are Grand Vets: the MF team of Glyn Davies, Eddie Cooper and William David Thomas demonstrating that age is no barrier to showing the youngsters (they could give the youngsters about 45 years) that experience counts as well as youthful vigour.

 A well deserved Silver to welcome Isobel Martin back into the WVFA fold after a long absence, Isobel brought along her mum for the day and both were delighted at the Silver medal the team won. 

There was even time for a quick reunion at the WF closed Team championships for the former members of Ddraig Wern Fencing club. L to R: Steve Ellwood,Pat Shepherd-Foster, Isobel Martin, Lisa De Luca, Pam Fairweather, James Longton and Meg Shepherd-Foster.

The ladies from Celtic Sword even though in differnt teams supporting each other and strategising.

Bronze team medallists Cath Bowd and Pam Fairweather with Silver medal team member Isobel and one of our newest members, a force to be reckoned with Angela Jackson.

A combination of experience and expertise with a dash of youthfulness in the WVFA Silver medal team of Isobel Martin, Meg Shepherd-Foster and Amelie Russell.

A welcome return to competition for James Longton, with Neil Bowd and new WVFA member Ceri Thomas, showing that age and experience, quick hands and feet and a strong parry are a mark of the Veterans Mens sabre team.

Emma Waller, Bronze medallist, Fencing Commonwealths, Canberra, Australia November 2018

Welsh Veterans were represented at the Veterans Commonwealth fencing Championships in Canberra, Australia by a band of five WVFA members, all of whom fenced admirably in the face of stiff opposition from other Commonwealth countries.


WS: Emma Waller, Bronze

MS: Jim Crawfurd 15th

ME: Neale Thomas 20th

WF: Lyn Robinson 7th WE: 38   WS:18

WS: Patricia Shepherd-Foster 21  WE: 43

WS Team: 4th.


Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships 2020 (CVFC 2020)

The CFF is pleased to announce that the next Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships will be held in Canada in 2020.


Date of Event: July 23 – 26, 2020 (weapons control begins July 22)


Location: Markham Pan-Am Centre, Unionville, Ontario, Canada


Connections: Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada


Accommodation: Hilton Markham Suites, Markham, Ontario Full details (including schedule) will be announced shortly-


Please note that is the Age group event, This event consists of two rounds of poules followed by separate DEs for each age group

There is no overall individual champion.
There is NO selection process for the individual event, the Teams will be selected from individual rankings of those participating in the event.
All WVFA members who are intending to attend please inform Mike Robinson (Secretary WVFA) ASAP.
The amount of any subsidy to fencers/teams/towards referee costs will depend on numbers attending the event. 

Wales retain the Celtic Challenge Trophy 2019

The culmination of a fun filled Pirate themed weekends fencing for the Celtic Challenge Trophy, hosted by Cornwall on the weekend of 27th - 28th July saw Wales top the points tableby a slim margin against Cornwall, closely followed by Ireland.

This is the third consecutive time that Wales has retained the Dragon trophy and 5 times out of the 8 times that this event has been held. 



Master of Arms: Jenny Morris.

WF: Gold: Marion Thomas

WF: Bronze: Jenny Morris

WE: Silver: Jenny Morris

WE: Bronze: Janet Baron

WS: Bronze: Jenny Morris

MS: Bronze: Neil Bowd

MF: Bronze: Nigel Betterton


"Team" results:

WF: First

WE: First

WS: Third

MF: Second

MS: Second

ME: Third


A huge Thankyou to everyone who came to fence or support.

Thank you to Truro for hosting the event, especially to Vanessa Hendra, Keith Rogerson & Jon Salfield for the excellent organisation and the entertaining evening get together.

Veteran Home Nations, April 6th 2019: The Justin Smith Trophy.

Held at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, hosted by the WVFA on Saturday 6th April 2019, followed by the Gala dinner at "Y Dosbarth".

England retained the "Justin Smith" Veteran Home Nations trophy for the 13th year. The final results are as follows:

1st Place: England (22points)

2nd Place: Scotland (16 points)

3rd Place: Wales (12 points)

4th Place: Ireland (10 points)

Men's Sabre, Silver Medal 2019 Home Nations 

With one loss by a narrow margin to England, the Welsh Veterans 2019 Men´s sabre team: Neil Bowd (Capt), Carl Morris, Ceri Thomas and Jim Crawfurd (former Gold Sabre Commonwealth individual medalist and Team Sabre Silver) took a very well deserved Silver.

Women's Foil, Silver Medal 2019 Home Nations

The silver place was a close run match against England: Maggie Myers gaining priority and taking the final point with seconds to spare, the team only losing to Scotland.

Team members: Marion Thomas (Capt), Margaret Myers, Catherine Fisher and a welcome new addition Allyson Hazell.

Women's Sabre Bronze Medal 2019 Home Nations

A huge thankyou to Marion Thomas and Clare King for stepping into the breech at (literally) the last moments to replace Lyn Robinson and Pat Shepherd-Foster (having to bow out due to illness). The ladies sabre almost acheiving Silver, losing to Sotland by 1 indicator thus taking the Bronze.

Ladies Sabre Team: Emma Waller (Capt) Lisa De Luca, Marion Thomas, Clare King.

Men´s Epee, Bronze Medal Home Nations 2019

The ME team took Bronze after hard fought, narrow defeats by the English and Irish ME teams. Stalwart of the team was Rob Brooks who had to make up points to 30 and 35 in 3min periods due to ongoing passivity being called in previous matches...we had a defib on standby as point after point was clawed back.

ME Team: Jeff Conover (Capt), Peter Davies, Rupert Nute and Rob Brooks.


Women´s Epee Team, Home Nations 2019

The ladies epee team fought valiantly throughout the day, just missing out on a bronze place by one indicator to the Irish, loosing 44-43.

Epee Team: Clare King (Capt), Catherine Bowd, Pamela Fairweather, Saskia Russell (a welcome new addition to the Epee team).

Men´s Foil Team, Home Nations 2019

If there had been an award for having the most fun throughtout the event this crew would have won gold.

The men´s foil team were highly supportive of each other throughout the event and fought with grit and determination.


Men´s Foil Team:

Ceri Richards (Capt), Kel Brundle, Richard Thomas, Nigel Betterton.

Veterans World Championships, Cairo, 5th to 11th October.

Congratulations to all the Welsh Veterans on their results acheived at the Veterans World Championship, Cairo, Egypt from October 5th to 11th - the first time some of whom have been selected to represent GBR


Congratulations to Marion Thomas on the Women's foil Team Silver on her first foray into the World's to Ceri Thomas (also a first timer) on the Men's Sabre team finishing 7th and Margaret Myers on the Women's Epee team finishing 7th.


ndividual Results:

MS: Ceri Thomas Cat A 23rd.

Neil Bowd Cat A 39th (His first World's, an excellent finish given his leg injury during the poule which caused considerable pain and restricted his movement)

Carl Morris Cat B 19th

WS: Lyn Robinson Cat B 27 (First time at the World's)

Patricia Shepherd-Foster Cat C 14th

WF: Marion Thomas Cat A 14th Margaret Myers Cat C 13th

WE: Margaret Myers Cat C 21st


Team Manager & GBR Team Delegate: Gillian Aghajan

Live Commentary by Karim Bashir.


European Veteran Individual Championships, Cognac, 29th May to 2nd June.

Cognac 2019 European Veteran Championship results:

A number of Welsh Veterans journeyed to Cognac, France, to compete in the European Veteran Individual Championships against fencers from around Europe from 22nd May to 2nd June during one of the hottest weeks of the year.

Special mention goes to Gillian Aghajan acting tirelessly as Team Manger and GBR Delegation official and unofficial photographer.


Results as follows:


WF Cat 2: Marion Thomas 20th            WF: Cat 4: Margaret Myers 6th            WF Cat 3: Lyn Robinson 17th

WE: Cat 2: Catherine Bowd 80th          WE: Cat 3: Janet Baron 14th

WE: Cat 3: Lyn Robinson 45th             

WE: Cat 4: Margaret Myers 9th

WE: Cat 4: Pat Shepherd-Foster 12th

WS: Cat 3: Lyn Robinson 17th              WS: Cat 4: Pat Shepherd-Foster 6th

MS: Cat 2: Neil Bowd 50th                    MS: Cat 3: Carl Morris 20th

ME: Cat 3: Rob Brooks 93rd                ME: Cat 4: Robin Davenport 17th        ME: Cat 5: Rob Phelps 19th

BVF Championships 10th to 12 May 2019

Held over 3 days at the Manchester Fencing Centre, a small cadre of WVFA Members competed at the BVF Championships, with Catherine Bowd and Neil Bowd (Celtic Fencing Club) celebrating their double 12th places: Cath in the Women's epee and Neil in the Men's sabre. No arguments in their house.....


Other results:


WF: Marion Thomas Bronze

MS: Ceri Thomas 6th and Highest placed Cat 2 Age group medallist.

MS: Carl Morris 30th

ME: Rob Brooks 21st

ME: David Victory 37th

ME: Paul Cooper 38th

ME: Rikki Howdle 42nd

WE: Margaret Myers 23rd

WS: Margaret Myers 19th

WF: Margaret Myers 17th

WS: Lyn Robinson 17th

Veterans Home Nations 2018: Glasgow, Scotland 28th April 2018.

Congratulations to the England team on retaining the "Justin Smith Trophy" for the 12th consecutive year.

The final placings for the 12th Veteran Home Nations:

1st England

2nd Scotland

3rd Ireland

4th Wales

Thankyou to all the Welsh veterans who turned out for this event; to our newcomers who gave it their all against very strong teams from England, Scotland and Ireland.

In a nail biting first match against the England mens epee team, in the third and final period with the score at 44-44 at time, England having priority, Nick Lee and Chris Howser fencing for the final point in the reamining 5 seconds Chris fleched at Nick scoring the final hit, giving England the win. With the England mens team taking 3 victories giving them them the team gold, with the Welsh mens epee team taking the Silver.

Men´s epee; Wales Silver

Men´s Sabre; Wales Bronze

Veterans Home Nations; The Justin Smith Trophy. Dunloaghaire, Ireland, 5th May 2017.

Home Nations 2017. 

Hosted by Ireland Fencing on the weekend of 5th May.

We would like to thank the Irish as again they demonstrated their hospitality by providing a great day of fencing and fun, and a very convivial evenings entertainment and Gala dinner at the Royal Marine yacht club.  

The event took place on Saturday 6th May and the Welsh demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing circumstance by fencing in unfamiliar weapon categories to field full teams, and stepping in at the last minute to replace team-mates who were unable to attend.

England again retained the Justin Smith Trophy, with Scotland taking second place and Ireland third.

Although Wales came 4th, there were very close matches in all the wepaons, with Wales just being beaten.

Congratulations to the MS team who took Bronze and in a close finish, all coming down to indicators to see which country had gold, silver or bronze, the ME team taking Bronze - 6 indicators being all that separated the gold from the bronze.

Team Manager: Gillian Aghajan

Amended Teams:

MF: Kel Brundle, William David Thomas, Mark Robertson..

ME: Jeff Conover, Nick Lee, Peter Davies,

MS: James Selby, Jeff Conover, Peter Davies.

WF: Margaret Myers, Catherine Fisher, Marion Thomas.

WE: Pam Fairweather, Isobel Martin, Marion Thomas, Margaret Myers.

WS: Lyn Robinson, Pat Shepherd-Foster, Pam Fairweather.

Veterans Home Nations: 9th & 10th April 2016

Super Silver Sabreurs: Emma Waller, Gillian Aghajan, Pat Shepherd-Foster, Clare King.
Silver medallists: Jim Crawfurd, Steve Ellwood, Richard Hughes-Thomas, James Selby
Bronze medallists: Jeff Conover, Peter Davies, Rob Brooks, Mark Thompson.

The 2016 Veterans Home Nations; The Justin Smith Trophy was hosted by England Fencing in Durham.

Congratulations to  England for retaining the trophy for another year.

Fought over two days there were some closely contested matches with the Men's sabre team eventually taking the silver, losing out to the England team in a final exciting match.

It was a close run finish for the silver,  eventually coming to Wales on indicatiors in the final match, with England retaining the Gold.

Men's epee taking the bronze, with Ireland in silver and England taking the Gold.

Spirited performances were seen from the WE, WF and MF with WE & WF just missing out on bronze places.

Overall team standings

4 points = 1st, 3 points = 2nd, 2 points = 3rd, 1 point = 4th

Team/Weapon ME WF MS WS MF WE Total Place
Wales 2 1 3 3 1 1 11 4th
England 4 3 4 4 3 2 20 1st
Ireland 3 2 1 1 2 4 13 3rd
Scotland 1 4 2 2 4 3 16 2nd



Elegant Epeeists: Isobel Martin, Rose Gregory, Clare King, Pam Fairweather.
Flamboyant foilists: Marion Thomas, Catherine Fisher, Dawn Holland, Lyn Robinson.

Home Nations 2015

The Veterans Home Nations, for the Justin Smith Trophy, took place at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff on the weekend of 18th and 19th April.

By the close of fencing on Saturday England were heading the leader board having won the Men's Sabre, Men's foil, Women's Epee and Women's Sabre comfortably. There was excitement leading into day two with all scores being equal for Scotland, All Ireland and Wales. Literally everything hinged on the last event of the day, Women's foil, Scotland took an early lead and had a decisive victory against the England team, putting Scotland into second place overall, a cliffhanger of a match ensued between All Ireland and Wales to decide which country would take third place, with All Ireland just pipping Wales at the post with a 45-36 victory.

During the raffle and blind aution, many thanks to our sponsors, Leon Paul ltd, Allstar-Uhlmann, PTB-UK, the Fencing Shop - for their generous gifts, the Veterans raised a magnificent total of £800 which has been donated to The Macmillan Cancer Trust.

Thanks go to all the fencers from all the Home Countries who made the trip to Cardiff and made it a memorable occasion, to the refs, piste assistants, armourer and DT staff who gave of their time so unstintingly, and of course, the Welsh Team under Team Manager: Gareth Law.

Men's Foil  :Ceri Richards (Capt); Richard Thomas, Tak Chan, Kel Brundle

Men's Epee: Denis Calanan (Capt); Peter Davies, John Rees, GAreth Law.

Men's Sabre: James Longton (Capt); Richard Hughes-Thomas, James Selby, Jim Crawfurd.

Women's Foil: Maggie Myers (Capt);  Catherine Bowd, Marion Thomas, Catherine Fisher.

Women's Epee: Joanne Harvey (Capt); Catherine Fisher, Maggie Myers, Clare King.

Women's Sabre: Emma Waller (Capt) Gillian Aghajan Pat Shepherd-Foster, Lyn Robinson

Overall Results

1st England, retain the Justin Smith Trophy

2nd Scotland

3rd All Ireland

4th Wales

We look forward to England hosting the competition in 2016 in the North East, a choice from Newcastle, Durham or Hull.

Veterans Home Nations, Edinburgh, 26th-27th April 2014.

The Veterans Home Nations 2014 took place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Organised by: Scottish Veterans  Venue: St Thomas Aquinas school, Edinburgh.

Dates: 26th -27th April 2014.

Team Manager: Mike Norfolk MBE

The results for the Veterans Home Nations:

England 1st, Scotland 2nd, All Ireland 3rd, Wales 4th.

On Saturday the Ladies foil and sabre teams each won one team match against Ireland, with ladies foil having a very narrow defeat(45-40) at the hands of the English team;with Men's sabre winning one match against the Ireland team. Wales needed two more victories to secure a third place overall from the remaining men's & ladies epee matches on the Sunday. In a very close fought and highly charged bout the Wales ladies epee team were victorious against the Scots team (44-43), leaving Wales with one more victory to find from the remaining men's & ladies epee bouts, unfortunately it was not to be, despite an early lead from John Rees against the Scots, they proved the stronger team, as did the English and the Ireland teams, and in a hotly contested final match and a truly valiant effort against the Ireland team the Welsh ladies were unable to make up the ground.

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