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Welcome to the Welsh Veterans: Croeso i y cyn-filwyr Cymru Cleddyfa Cymdeithas.

Whether you're a recent recruit to the sport or a seasoned fencer; Welsh Veteran Fencing Association is delighted to welcome you to our growing ranks.


We are sure that you will have a very positive experience fencing for the Welsh Veterans in our annual Welsh Veterans Championships; competing for one of the places on the Welsh Veteran Regional or National Veteran Teams.  Enjoying the banter between the regions during the exhausting, but exhilarating, two day regional annual Veterans Winton Cup event. Competing in the hard fought, but none-the-less friendly rivalry against the Scots, Irish and English Teams at the Annual Veterans Home Nations. Competing for Wales at the Celtic Challenge, as an individual and part of the team, which takes place every two years and at the Veterans Commonwealth Fencing Championships, as an individual and gaining a place in the team event, which also take place every two years. Many of our Welsh Veterans represent GBR at the World and European Fencing championships and are serious competitors on the Senior fencing circuit.

Fun, Friendship and Fencing, what more could you ask for.

We hope to welcome you into the growing ranks of the Welsh Veterans Fencing Association.

General Information

Subscriptions are currently not required for membership to WVFA.

Membership is open to Men and Women aged 40 or over or who become 40 in the current calendar year and commences when your membership application is received.

To comply with GDPR your details will be held on a computer database and will be used by WVFA to send information to you about fencing matters.

Your details will not be passed to a third party. 

Please see the Policy section.



Membership of the Welsh Veterans Fencing Association is subject to the current criteria: 

Born in/ Parent(s) Grandparent(s) born in Wales. 

Current Resident/past residency in Wales for a minimum of 2 years continuously. (Must be supported by electoral registry)


Veterans Commonwealth Fencing Championships: - please see the Veteran's Commonwealth page.

Have a minimum of recreational/ full compete British Fencing membership. Apply through British Fencing.

Current membership of the WVFA.  

Veterans fencing is subdivided into the following age categories:

Cat 1: 40 - 49       Cat 2: 50-59    Cat 3: 60-69     Cat 4: 70-79 : Grand Veterans


Membership Renewal- BVF, WVFA & BF


Members are tactfully reminded that they should indicate Wales as their Region and Country on their BVF & BF membership applications and renewals.  

If not indicated, this will mean that you will be unable to represent Wales for the Welsh Veterans (or even Seniors) at Regional (Vets Winton), National (Home Nations) or International level (Commonwealths).

Check current status with the appropriate membership body and alter accordingly.

Please list Welsh Veterans as one of your subsidiary clubs.

Renewals can be made at any time of the year.

Annual BVF membership  1st Jan - 31st Dec - Cost £15; Compete BF license is required to fence in BVF organised events, Age Groups, BVF Championships, Veterans Winton, European and World championships.

Annual WVFA membership 1st Jan - 31st Dec - Cost £15 (When we recommence subscriptions)

BF membership- Compete membership is required to compete at Opens, BVF events, European, World & Commonwealth events.

FIE membership is also required to compete at cerrtain events, e,g, Commonwealths, Veteran European Individuals.

Please cancel any standing order/direct debit payments to the old WVFA account as we are in the process of having a new account and cannot access the old account.

 Please complete and forward the WVFA membership form (not the SO attached) and forward to the membership secretary: when New standing order/direct debit mandates will be available online they can then be completed.

WV_membership-form 2019 2020.doc
Microsoft Word document [171.5 KB]


Due to the exceptional circumstances relating to the pandemic the WVFA AGM was held on Sunday 1st November at 19:30 via ZOOM.

The AGM report will be uploaded shortly.

Please find attached AGM Minutes 2019, combined Chair & Secretary report for 2019/2020, AGM Agenda 2020.

The following officers have been re-elected:

Chairman: Lyn Robinson

Vice Chairman: Eddie Cooper

Secretary: Mike Robinson

Treasurer/Membership Secretary: James Longton

Member: Patricia Shepherd-Foster

Member: Gillian Aghajan

Non voting co-opted members:

Matt Russell: Welfare

Saskia Blair: Medical/Physio

Weapon Selectors: Catherine Bowd - Epee, Margaret Myers - Foil, Ceri Thomas - Sabre.

WVFA AGM minutes 2019
AGM Minutes Oct 2019.doc
Microsoft Word document [110.5 KB]
WVFA AGM Agenda 2020
AGM Agenda 2020.doc
Microsoft Word document [106.0 KB]
WVFA Chairman & Secretary combined report Annual report 2019/2020
Chairman and Secretary report 2020 updat[...]
Microsoft Word document [48.0 KB]

Colin Hyndman 4th May 1934 - 26th December 2020

Gwent Sword Coach

Colin's funeral takes place on Weds 27th Jan 11am at St Mary's Newport and Malpas Crematorium. Obviously at this time numbers are limited and attendance is by invitation only. Carl and I will be representing the club. However there is a link to a live stream on the GSC website (News) for the crematorium and the service at St Mary's can be accessed live via allsaintsrcnewport.org.uk website. There is also a link for a charity donation in Colin's name if anyone wants to contribute, though the club will be sending a donation.

WVFA will be making a doantion to Colin's charity.



WVFA committee and all members extend our deepest condolenses to the family and friends of Colin Hyndman who passed away in his sleep.


Colin has had a great impact on Veteran fencing in Wales as his coaching has introduced a lot of members to the WVFA as members of the Welsh Veteran Squads at National and International level.

His sense of humour, friendship and coaching will be missed by all who had the greatest pleasure of his company and coaching throughout the years.


With thanks to WF for permission to use the write-up.


Colin made a massive impact on Fencing in Wales, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award just over a year ago.

The following article describes his presentation, back in November, 2019:


Colin Hyndman, of Gwent Sword, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award following the recent Annual General Meeting.

A former international fencer who represented Wales at foil in the 1974 Commonwealth Championships in Canada, Colin was a coach at the former Newport and Chepstow Fencing Clubs and is now chairman of Gwent Sword Club.

Colin still coaches at Gwent Sword Club at at the age of 85 and his many years dedicated to the sport were recognised at Welsh Fencing's AGM.  Tributes were paid to Mr Hyndman by the Board of Welsh Fencing, and fellow fencers and coaches.  His award was presented by his daughter, Lynne Melia.

Welsh Fencing honours Lyndon Martin.

Honoury Life Member of Welsh Fencing.


 With Thanks to WF for permission to use this write-up:

At the WF AGM on 20th November, Lyndon Martin was awarded the honour of Honorary Life Member.  

Lyndon took up fencing in the 1960s, prompted by the late Wynford Seymour, whom he met whilst working at the Port Talbot steelworks, where Wynford was a nursing officer. After fencing for some years at Swansea, Lyndon ‘moved’ to Cardiff, fencing both there, and in the old Excalibur club, in the 60s & 70s.

An able fencer, noted for his quick accurate attacks, Lyndon was soon taking part in several high profile matches. A member of the Wales epee team in their match against Denmark in Copenhagen in 1972/3, Lyndon was one of the group of Welsh fencers who regularly attended many events at home, and outside Wales, in those years. He was highly placed in the Epee Club Cup in 1978 & again in 1979, and secured 4th place in the Bristol Open of 1977/8.

Malcolm Fare, former editor of The Sword, and founder of the National Fencing Museum, Hanley Swan, recalls meeting Lyndon, along with Bob Turner, Alf Pearce and other notables, as they searched together for accommodation in Dieppe in 1973, having overlooked the fact that this was the eve of Bastille Day, a national holiday in France - eventually securing the last bedroom in the last hotel in Dieppe on that occasion. Lyndon had success again in Dieppe, taking 3rd place in their 1978/9 epee competition.

One of the highlights of his fencing career was as a member of the successful Welsh Epee team, who secured the Silver Medal in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Ottawa in 1974.

Lyndon's stoy Continued

Celtic Sword Coach & Whitchurch Fencing Club Head Coach

One of the highlights of his fencing career was as a member of the successful Welsh Epee team, who secured the Silver Medal in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Ottawa in 1974.

Lyndon fenced competitively through the 70s, 80s & 90s, a Welsh Champion, winning several times the Emrys Lloyd Challenge Plate for Foil (1974, 76, 88 & 89), and also the John Warburn Cup for Epee (1984, 87 & 88).

More recently his main activity has been in coaching, which, as a Level 3 Coach, he does expertly & energetically at all levels. For many years this was in Cardiff FC, both in a supportive role, and also in his own right, where he successfully coached at least one former winner of the Kingston Cup and the Pearce Cup to success in both of those epee events. Since then he has been at Whitchurch FC, where he is the resident Head Coach. He also coaches regularly at Celtic Sword FC, and on occasions at Russell Swords as well.

A regular attender at WF AGMs, throughout his career Lyndon has been solidly supportive of fencing, and Welsh Fencing, thinking nothing of driving or travelling long distances to attend events far afield, either as a competitor or coach, or merely as a spectator, whether the Hereford & Worcester, or the Triangular in Largs in Ayrshire. He has consistently been an active presence at the regular coaching days & other sessions run by WF, and is well known for speaking up, in thanking the organisers of smaller events for their hard work in arranging the competition in question.

Welsh Fencing’s membership records were transferred to BFA for administrative reasons in 2005, and all fencers were allocated “BFA numbers”. Until then, our fencers had had a “WAFU number”. Lyndon was WAFU member No 4 (Gordon Kingston No 1, Alf Pearce No 5, Bob Turner No 13).

That is how long Lyndon has been fencing.

Wynford Seymour 1931 -2020

Eulogy by Kel Brundle, Swansea Fencing Club

Wynford was born in the Swansea valley and moved to Swansea where he pursued his fencing career.

He established the Swansea School of Fencing in 1957, and also gave private lessons at his home. He had a concrete strip in the front garden and a large room indoors when the weather was inclement.

Fencing was Wynford's passion. He dedicated his life to coaching and inspiring youngsters to enjoy the sport and achieve a high standard.

Wynford specialised in all three weapons, foil, épée and sabre.
He produced club members who have represented Wales and Great Britain, a testament to the great man who had tirelessly given so much to so many.
Respected on the fencing scene near and far by fencers young and old.

After retirement from his nursing career at British Steel, he was able to spend more time fencing at his own level, subsequently taking part in Welsh and British Veterans competitions.

Even at the grand age of 87 he would put his students though their paces during training on club nights, wearing them out one by one with his vigorous coaching and training, and he was as fit as a fiddle and a force to be reckoned with. Take him for granted or let your guard down for a split second and he would hit you before you saw it coming.
It just goes to show how good a healthy life of fencing kept him fit and active.

Swansea Fencing Club is still active and thriving with a strong membership, and we all appreciate the part that Wynford has played in this.

British Fencing Personality of the year.

Gillian Aghajan

Our very Gillian Aghajan has been named as British Fencing Personality of the Year for 2020.

A well deserved accolade for Gillian who has been very active as former BVF Chairman, BVF Team manager for Veteran European and World Championships as well as Team Manager for BF junior GBR squads. Additionally Gillian was the Secretary for WVFA providing support to our Life President Mike Norfolk OBE as well as retaining her place on the WVFA committee.

WVFA Championships 2021


Due to the current onögoing situation with the Covid 19 pandemic that the WVFA committee has taken the hard decision to cancel the WVFA Championship due to be hosted by Gwent Sword Club on the weekend of 3rd - 4th October 2020.

Gwent Sword have offered to host the event in 2021, exact details including date will be advised to all members. 

CFF Combined Veterans and Senior Fencing Commonwealth  Championships: Veterans Events 15th to 20th August 2022 

Status of the 2022 combined CFF Veteran and Senior Commonwealth Fencing Championship.

C2020 will not take place on 23 – 26 July 202ell-being of all fencers, officials and aion or possible resc

Hosted by England Fencing.

Veteran event dates: 15th to 20th August 2022


Preliminary schedule:


Venue: SportsDock, London.


Anticipate Weapons control to take place the day before your weapon.

Monday 15th August: 

Mens Epee Individual

Womens Sabre Indovidual


Tuesday 16th August:

Womens Epee Individual

Mens Foil Individual


Wednesday 17th August:

Womens Foil Individual

Mens Sabre Individual


Thursday 18th August:

Mens Epee Team

Womens Sabre Team


Friday 19th August:

Womens Epee Team

Mens Foil Team


Saturday 20th August:

Womens Foil Team

Mens Sare Team



It will be possible to enter and fence in more than one individual and team event.


Preliminary Costing:

These may be subject to change: 


Individual: £75.00 GBP PLUS Referee levy £45.00GBP per weapon. Total PER Weapon £120.00GBP


Team Event: ONE main team per Country per weapon £200.00 GBP per team (Wales Team places are allocated to those placed in the highest 4 individual results at the end of the Individual event)

The Team cost will be met in full by WF.

Secondary Teams: £150.00 GBP per team (Each secondary team will receive certificates only) Participation in this event may be subsidised by WVFA.


WVFA will contact members nearer to the date to ascertain interest.


There will be no fence off for joint third in the Team Events.



will be informed of any relevant de

Veteran Home Nations April 2021-Postponed

Men's Foil Team 2019

Hosted by England Fencing, due to the ongoing current situation the event has been postponed from April 2021. 


Details to be confirmed as they become available.


The decision by the selectors and the WVFA Committee has been made that the team selected for 2020 will represent Wales in 2021 subject to availability and health.


MS: Neil Bowd, Ceri Thomas, David Terrar, James Longton.

ME: Jeff Conover, Rob Brooks, Paul Cooper, Oliver Massey.

MF: Richard Thomas, Kel Brindle, Nigel Betterton, Simon Curling

WS: Emma Waller, Lisa De Luca, Pat Shepherd-Foster, Lyn Robinson

WE: Cath Bowd, Clare King, Pam Fairweather, Saskia Russell

WF: Marion Thomas, Margaret Myers, Catherine Fisher, Lyn Robinson

Celtic Challenge 2021-Postponed

Celtic Challenge 2021-Postponed

Due to the continuig current situation the 2021 Celtic Challenge due to be hosted by Galacia in 2021 has been postponed to 2022.

Scheduling will take into account the CFF Veterans and Senior Commonwealth Fencing Championship in August 2022.

Details will follow when information is available.


European Veteran Individual Championships 2021

Thionville, Cancelled

It is with great sadness that Caryl Oliver (European Veteran Fencing Chair) has had to advise that the Championships scheduled for Thionville in May are now cancelled.
The organisers of this event have worked tirelessly for months trying to create a safe environment for some 2000 fencers , officials and volunteers to congregate and compete. Unfortunately, the local authorities have indicated that they do not believe the town can manage this influx at this time.
While this still seems a long time ahead, the critical advance work involved with venues, sponsors, suppliers and accommodation providers cannot be completed now and cannot be left until the last minute.
Thionville will host the Champioships in 2023. The 2022 Championships will be in Hamburg.
EVF is currently looking at ideas about how we can explore safe competition options in 2021. Watch this space...

WVFA Championships 2021

Older, sneakier, wiser.

Members of Welsh Veteran Fencing are invited to host the WVFA Championships for 2021.

The WVFA Championships are normally held in October, however, dates can be negotiated.

Assistance will be given by the WVFA Committee but clubs are primarily responsible for acquiring, transportation of conductive pistes, scoring sets, medals, venue, etc.

Please send your expression of interest to the secretary WVFA.

Veteran Commonwealth Championships 2020

2020 CFF Veteran Fencing Age Group Championships

Toronto: Markham

This event has been cancelled due to restrictions in place re. Covid.

Please visit the Commonwealth Fencing page for details.

WVFA Committee 2020-2021

Committe members and selectors

The committee for 2020-2021 has been ratified as:

Chairman: Lyn Robinson

Vice Chair: Eddie Cooper

Treasurer/Membership: James Selby

Secretary: Mike Robinson

Member: Gillian Aghajan

Member: Patricia Shepherd-Foster

Co-opted members: 

Welfare: Matt Russell

Medical: Saskia Blair


Foil: Margaret Myers

Epee: Catherine Bowd

Sabre: Ceri Thomas


To contact the Secretary:



To contact the Chairman:


WVFA Championships 2019

Hosted by Mold Fencing Club

Huge Thanks go to Jeff Conover and Peter Davies of Mold Fencing club who organised the WVFA Championships 2019.

Thank you to Gillian Aghajan for her support and taking photographs of the day to her usual high standard.


Thanks also to those who fenced,  reffed whilst fencing and supporting, without you all being there this would not have been possible.


It was a pleasure to see and catch up with old friends and new, fencers, friends and family at the fun packed, friendly but fiercely contested annual Championships, with the usual banter, cakes and a smattering of injuries which took place at Plas Madoc Leisure center, Wrexham with all weapons contested over ONE day; a busy day for Mike manning DT, keeping everything moving along and lots of energy expended by those souls brave enough to fence multiple weapons. With the AGM taking place immediately afterwards and an impromtu meal at a local hostelry providing a relaxing end to the day. 


Congratulations to Rob Brooks on his award for embodyying "The Spirit of the Veterans" , the award given in memory of Bob Turner:  During the year Rob has demonstrated his staunch support  of veterans fencing, offering sensible advice and fierce support for his team mates.


Congratulations to the following:

Oliver Massey (Aberystwyth Fencing Club) Master of Arms (Gold Foil, Gold Epee, Silver Sabre)

Marion Thomas (Cobham Fencing Club) Master of Arms Gold Foil, Gold Epee, Bronze Sabre.


MF: Gold: Oliver Massey, Silver: Richard Thomas, Bronze: Kel Brundle, Simon Curling.

ME: Gold: Oliver Massey, Silver: Jeff Conover, Bronze; Rob Brooks, Paul Cooper.

MS: Gold: Ceri Thomas, Silver: Oliver Massey, Bronze: David Terrar and James Longton.

WF: Gold: Marion Thomas, Silver: Maggie Myers, Bronze: Catherine Fisher, Clare King.

WE: Gold: Marion Thomas, Silver: Catherine Bowd, Bronze: Pam Fairweather, Clare King.

Sabre: Gold: Emma Waller, Silver; Clare King, Bronze: Lisa De Luca, Marion Thomas.


Full results are available via Fencing time.com (competition name: WVFA championships)

Veterans Winton Cup 2019

28th - 29th September 2019

he Veterans Winton Cup, in commemoration of Sir Bobby Winton took place on the weekend of 28th & 29th September 2019.

Venue: RAF Cosford.

Team Manager: Gillian Aghajan.


MS: Neil Bowd, James Longton, Steve Ellwood, Jim Crawfurd

ME: Jeff Conover , Rupert Nute, Rob Brooks, Rob Phelps (Sun. only)

MF: Kel Brundle, Richard Thomas, Nigel Betterton, William David Thomas

WS: Emma Waller, Lisa De Luca, Lyn Robinson, Patricia Shepherd-Foster.

WE: Catherine Bowd, Pam Fairweather, Angela Jackson, Saskia Russell.

WF: Margaret Myers, Catherine Fisher (SAT only), Clare King. 

A fun packed weekend at RAF Cosford culmiated in the Welsh team finishing 8th overall. The teams were wracked with illness and injuries over the weekend leading to last minute team changes with people fencing in unfamiliar weapons and doing a sterling job; but this did not daunt them, with Jeff Conover and Angela Jackson having to pull out due to Achilles problems, Neil Bowd favouring his previously injured leg, Clare battling through malaise. Massive thanks go to the stalwarts of the teams - Rob Brooks (ME) and Maggie Myers (WF) their unstinting hard work, encouragement and support of their teams was unflagging.



Welsh Fencing Closed Team Championships

The Grand, Grand Veterans of the MF Team.

Welsh Veteran members were well represented on Sunday 26th January 2020 whether fencing under the banner of WVFA almagamated club teams or their own clubs, with WVFA members in many teams, retaining many of the places WVFA held in last years event.


There was a decline in the number of teams entering this year due to prior commitments.

Thank you to all WVFA members who attended making it an enjoyable day for all.


BVF International, Jan 4th & 5th 2020

Nominated for EFC Veteran Epee Circuit.

WVFA members were in attendance at the inaugural BVF European Epee/Internal event which took place in Guildford on the weekend of 4th/5th January 2020.


Cat 1 ME: 25th David Victory

Cat 3 ME: 27th Rob Brooks

Cat 4 ME: Silver Robin Davenport

8th Rob Phelps

Cat 2 WE: 8th Cath Bowd

Cat 4 WE: 6th Margaret Myers

7th Pat Shepherd-Foster

Cat 2 MF: 12th Nigel Betterton

Cat 2 WF: Gold Marion Thomas

Cat 4 WF: Bronze Margaret Myers

Cat 2 MS: Silver Neil Bowd

5th Ceri Thomas

Cat 3 MS: Gold Carl Morris

Cat 4 WS: 6th Pat Shepherd-Foster

7th Margaret Myers


This was the first BVF Ranking Event for selection for the European and World Veteran Teams for 2020.


Home Nations April 2020

WVFA Veterans Home Nations Squad. Photo: Ladies epee squad 2019

Due to the Covid 19 situation the Home Nations 2020 was cancelled until 2021. 


2020 Team Selections:


MS: Neil Bowd, Ceri Thomas, David Terrar, James Longton.

ME: Jeff Conover, Rob Brooks, Paul Cooper, Oliver Massey.

MF: Richard Thomas, Kel Brindle, Nigel Betterton, Simon Curling

WS: Emma Waller, Lisa De Luca, Pat Shepherd-Foster, Lyn Robinson

WE: Cath Bowd, Clare King, Pam Fairweather, Saskia Russell

WF: Marion Thomas, Margaret Myers, Cathering Fisher, Lyn Robinson


Details to follow.

WVFA AGM Sat 19th October 2019

The WVFA AGM will take place immediately after the Men's sabre concludes at the venue: Plas Madog Leisure Center.

The Treasurer's, Chairman's and Secretary's reports, AGM Minutes 2018 and the AGM Agenda 2019 have been sent to members and are available to download below. Please read as we wish to conclude business in a timely manner at the AGM. Any AOB to be included in discussion must be sent to the Secretary by 17th October.


Chairman and Secretary report 2019.doc
Microsoft Word document [40.0 KB]
AGM Minutes Oct 2018.doc
Microsoft Word document [112.0 KB]

Important Notice regarding First Aid and Welfare at Competitions.


Please note that First Aiders and designated Event Welfare Officers must be available and easily identifiable at all competitions.


All injuries should be reported to the British Fencing Medical Officer: Clare Halsted.


Incidences involving welfare issues should be reported in the first instance to the Welsh Fencing Regional Welfare Officer: Tania Craig and also to the British Fencing Welfare Officer: Liz Benkhe.

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